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Scandalous Behaviour

Scandalous Behaviour

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Inkerman, Queensland, Australia

Fall 1889

Jennie Stewart, an unemployed governess, is looking to escape the rule-abiding town of Inkerman.  After the death of her childhood friend, Grace, Jennie takes refuge with several other friends at a beach house, needing to embrace the freedom she so craved…and hopefully find a clue that might lead her to discover who killed her friend and why.

John Atheling, an estate steward, made many personal sacrifices to get to his position, including distancing himself from the fairer sex and their manipulative ways.  His ordered life turns to chaos when he finds the nanny, Grace, dead.

Being given leave from his job, John accepts an invitation from his childhood friend to join him and several others on a retreat to the beach.  He reluctantly accepts after discovering one of the men joining them is suspected of knowing the truth about Grace’s death.

Arriving at the beach, John discovers who the rest of his companions would be over the coming days, including Jennie, a woman who ignites a longing in him that both thrills and scares him.  He hadn’t come to the beach to be lured into the seductive web of a woman, but nor could he deny the instant attraction he has to her.

Jennie should have treated John as the stranger he was, but she was drawn to him, desires burning in her that she couldn’t – and didn’t want to – ignore.  Struggling to remember why she’d come to the beach, she fought against the lure of love and passion, reminding herself that love at first sight was nothing more than a fairytale.

Will John and Jennie surrender to their heart’s desire, or will they fall victim to the murderer they’re chasing before they discover if love at first sight really exists?

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence

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